Solar and EVs – a perfect match

September 29, 2015

What’s the best “add-on” for solar electric system owners? An Electric Vehicle charging station!

Consider this:

• Receive a 30% federal tax credit when you install before December 31, 2016
• Save money when Solar Works includes an EV charging station as part of the PV installation
• Spend less per mile and further reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by powering your EV with solar

Solar Works participated in the North Bay Electric Auto Association’s Drive Electric Day at Coddingtown on September 13, 2015, encouraging EV enthusiasts to take their clean vehicle a step further by powering with solar energy from their own rooftop array.

Now is the time to take advantage of the solar tax credit, and state and national EV incentives.

You can learn about solar incentives on our Financing and Incentives page. To learn more about EV incentives, we encourage you to explore these pages:

Federal Tax Credit (up to $7,500)

Consumer Assistance Program – $1000 rebate for retiring vehicles that fail to pass smog check ($1500 for those meeting low income requirements)

Clean Vehicle Rebate (up to $5,000 for owning or leasing an EV)

Public agencies in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District may apply for the following grants:

Light Duty EV Program (up to $2,500 per vehicle)
Heavy Duty EV Program (amounts vary)