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Expert Solar Staff
Professional, Personable
Commited to our Community and Planet

John Parry, Owner, FSL (Fearless Solar Leader) and CEO, has been working for much of his life on behalf of a sustainable world. A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, with a B.S. in Physics, John built Solar Works from a one-person solar hot water business to the vibrant community-based company it is today. For nearly 40 years, John has honed his expertise with individual, community, business and institutional energy systems, and is a passionate advocate for local, healthy, self-reliant communities. He is active in CalSEIA, the statewide California Solar Energy Industry Association, and has served on the board of directors and founded a local North Bay CalSEIA chapter. John was appointed to the inaugural Sonoma Clean Power Ratepayers Advisory Committee, and is on the PV Certificate Program Advisory Committee at Santa Rosa Junior College. John has been a consultant to the California State Contractors License Board solar exam review committee, college faculty member, guest lecturer and community educator in renewable energy, site director of an appropriate technology research, demonstration and education center, and operator of a university steam plant. He is a long-time proponent of non-fossil fueled energy generation, a passion he has had since high school. John is also a peace, justice and climate activist and concerned scientist, bird-watcher, wildlife observer and habitat protector, star-and-cosmos-gazer, weather-tracker, wilderness explorer, home improvement maestro, crossword puzzle solver, music aficionado, rare vinyl collector, electric bass player and KOWS.FM radio host. A traveler to un-touristed and out-of-the-way places, John is most happy being home in the coastal hills of idyllic west Sonoma County where he lives in a passive solar home with his wife-and-partner-in-paradise.

Laura Goldman, Human and Community Relations Maven, has been an integral part of Solar Works since the start, providing staff support and serving as a link to customers, community and the world at large. With a B.A. from the University of Maryland and an M.A. in Medical Anthropology from Goddard College, Laura has been a a long-time educator and community activist. She was a founding instructor in the Community Health Worker (CHW) Program at Santa Rosa Junior College, and is on the program’s advisory committee, and also an Emerita board member of West County Health Centers. Previous career incarnations include health counselor and World Study Program core faculty at World College West, interpreter and translator, community health educator and trainer, consultant to U.S. and international academic institutions, foundations and community-based organizations, Spanish teacher, and Peace Corps volunteer in highland Ecuador. As a 2015 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy, Laura envisioned, co-produced and hosted Being the Change Radio, a series of interviews with local leaders who are transforming our economy. Passionate about the power of community radio, she hosts Laura’s Living Room, a weekly show on KOWS.FM. Laura is a proponent of all things local and an irrepressible volunteer for community good works. She enjoys hiking, gardening, relaxing in her solar-heated hot tub, practicing tai chi, connecting with friends and family, being home with her husband-and-partner in paradise, and exploring cultures and natural treasures.

Asha Dean, Solar Technician, started as a Solar Works installer in 2012, and has years of solar and wind power installation experience. Asha’s specialty is troubleshooting and solving power production issues, and making sure each Solar Works system operates at optimal levels. In addition, Asha brings creativity and IT knowledge to our design, website and computer projects. He grew up in Michigan where he attended Kellogg Community Collage after being home schooled. As a youngster, Asha was fascinated by anything mechanical, and would take apart (and often put back together) old stereos, watches, and eventually computers. He is also a woodworker and journeyman carpenter, self-taught artist, and all-around fix-it guy. Asha lives in rural west Sonoma County, and when not working, enjoys skimboarding, skateboarding and moonlighting as a DJ. He loves being able to harvest the sun’s energy for a sustainable future, has a passion for learning, and enjoys working with our collaborative team to provide customers with clean power and great service.

Autumn Streamfellow, Solar Designer and Advisor, has been a Solar Works staff member since 2006. She provides custom designs and pricing for solar installations, creates plan sets for solar permits and proposals, and conveys information to help customers make informed decisions about their best options for high-quality systems. Autumn has a B.S. in Environmental Science with an emphasis in renewable energy from the University of California Santa Barbara. She has worked as a university-level math reader and exam grader, with a specialty in calculus. Autumn has years of solar design experience, and navigates the ever-changing solar industry through continuing education and training. A northern California native who has traveled the world, Autumn is at home in west Sonoma County, In her leisure time, Autumn enjoys gardening, cooking, knitting, weaving, reading about the rest of the world, camping, and spending time near and on rivers with her husband and two children.

Solar Works staff

Brooke Beesley, Solar Consultant, leads customers through the design, proposal, and contract process. She handles customer intake, performs site visits, creates proposals, and advises customers. In addition, Brooke contributes to outreach efforts by creating newsletters and updating the website. A graduate of Sonoma State University with a B.A. in Energy Management and Design, and minors in Anthropology and Geography, Brooke was very active in community service projects during her college studies. Passionate about contributing to a resilient community and building a healthy planet, Brooke led a tutoring program for homeless youth and a sustainability program to reduce food waste on campus. She is also a recycling and renewable energy enthusiast who loves walking to and from errands whenever possible and seeking creative ways to make the world a better place to inhabit. Before joining Solar Works, Brooke gained energy efficiency experience as an Energy Analyst for Sonoma State University and a Regional Manager for Rising Sun Energy Center. In her free time, Brooke enjoys going to concerts, traveling, boating, hiking, and running to balance out her love of sweets!

Emily Collet, Operations Administrator and Support, orders equipment and materials, procures permits, coordinates with PG&E to connect installations to the grid, designs graphics for outreach materials, and is responsible for warehouse and vehicle maintenance – in addition to being an as-needed member of the Solar Works installation crew. Emily grew up in Sebastopol and is an Analy High School graduate. She received a Bachelor of Science degree, with an emphasis in Ecology and Sustainable Agriculture, from Evergreen State College before returning home to be a Facilities Intern at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. With experience in construction and natural building fueled by her passion for a healthy planet, Emily is energized by her role in expanding solar power throughout Sonoma County. When not at work, Emily spends much of her free time with family, from her 1 year-old nephew to her 97 year-old grandmother.

Fernando Garcia, Senior Solar Installer, has been a Solar Works staff member since 2009. Skilled and detail-oriented, Fernando is collaborative, calm, hard working, and a great colleague. With a background in construction, painting, landscaping and farming, Fernando likes to solve the mysteries of how things work, and with years of training and experience, he has built impressive solar-related expertise. Fernando is motivated to do his best work on behalf of our customers, community and planet, and is especially happy seeing satisfied customers. A dedicated family man, Fernando spends his non-working time with his wife and two sons – his first priority. He loves to hike, explore nature, play basketball and soccer with his sons, read with them and help with school projects. Fernando enjoys reading, especially books about leadership and personal development. On Fernando’s wish list are motor home trips with the family to explore our beautiful country!

Jesús (Chucho) España, Senior Solar Installer, has been a Solar Works staff member since 1999. He is skilled in both solar electric and thermal applications, and in addition to being a top-notch installer is an expert troubleshooter and warranty technician. Chucho's attention to detail, innate artistry, careful approach to his work and collaborative spirit make him a great asset and colleague. He has a broad range of experience in construction, plumbing, auto mechanics, paint mixing and sales, customer service, artisan stone carving, farming, gardening and landscaping.  A life-long student, Chucho has earned certification in many solar training courses and computer studies, and currently is taking courses at Santa Rosa Junior College.  He believes in thinking positively, and considers his work “not just a job” – rather a passion to do something that contributes to a healthy world now and for future generations. A family man, Chucho spends as much time as possible with his wife, two daughters, son – and baby grandson. He and his family like to relax with chess (Chucho sometimes wins, but with stiff competition!), read together, play soccer, visit the coast and explore the beauty of Sonoma County.

John Matheny, Operations Manager, oversees solar installations and supervises the Solar Works crew. John is integral to the process from the start, and continues with post-installation customer support. He makes initial site visits to explore solar potential, meets with prospective customers to determine their needs, and helps transform interest in solar electricity into signed contracts. A busy guy who always takes time to answer questions, John dedicates part of almost every day to talking with customers – when he’s not involved in the more technical aspects of his work. John began his solar career as a Solar Works installer in 2009, and as a life-long student, continues to sharpen his considerable solar and other wide-ranging knowledge and expertise.  John is a Sebastopol native and Analy High School graduate with strong ties to the community. An ornamental fabricator and certified structural steel welder, John is the 4th generation of the family’s welding business that his great-grandfather founded. He’s a natural tinkerer of all things mechanical, with experience in construction, car repair, woodworking, and a variety of projects that demand diligence and creativity. In his non-working time, John loves long board surfing, bicycling, backpacking, canyoneering, rock climbing, working on his overland truck, and enjoying outdoor adventures with his wife.

Vicki Vaughn, Financial and Administrative Manager, has been the Solar Works staff member for commercial projects and general business administration since early 2012. A graduate of Boston College with a degree in philosophy, Vicki brings a “financial bent” and years of varied and valuable experience to Solar Works, including project management at Stanford University and AmeriCorps service with Habitat for Humanity. Vicki is a LEED Accredited Professional and certified CALGreen Inspector. Committed to a healthy local community, Vicki is a 2016 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy, a Farm to Pantry board member, and bike-to-and-from work commuter. Vicki is happy to report her home solar installation has provided an economic benefit as well as clean electricity in its first year with a $250 refund from Sonoma Clean Power!


Organizations • Slow Food Russian River established the only free community apple press in the county in 2014. Residents can bring backyard apples and make fresh juice. See slowfoodrussianriver.org for more details.