Customer Testimonials

Our Customers Say It Best

When working with Matt on our system sizing and design, thorough is the word that comes to mind. He understood that this was a large investment for us and he took the time to review every concern and issue we had as well as many things we weren’t aware of. For example, he was able to test our well pump for surge current to ensure our battery system would be able to handle the load in the event of an outage. Although we had several options presented to us, Matt was able to help us compare the designs to come up with the best solution. John was also very helpful in completing the initial design and ensuring everything would work as expected. The installation team was always on time and they always left the site clean and tidy between visits. The installation matched the original design so there were no surprises. The Solar Works team did a great job of setting expectations regarding a delay from PG&E regarding our ability to export power back to the grid. Although this was not good news it was presented to us in a timely manner, and we were given the option to delay our installation if needed. We have had only one service call after the initial installation, and, again, the technician showed up when needed and everything was resolved promptly.” -TK, Sebastopol

Kyle was our initial contact. He was professional, sensitive to our needs, informative, and responsive. The project lead, John, accommodated our difficult schedule, and he was also informative and responsive. The workers left a few clipped cable ties but it was not a significant mess. Otherwise they left the premises as they found it, and they were very nice. All was assembled with expertise and the materials used appear durable and assembled properly. The inspector spent significant time looking over the system, which we appreciated.” -WS, Sebastopol

My first contact with Solar Works was with Kyle over the phone. He was extremely helpful and provided me with answers to my questions and much more. Ultimately, he is the reason I decided to go with Solar Works instead of the competition. He was detailed, always available, and took the time to explain the process in length. The installation went very smoothly. The solar installer coordinated with the roofer I hired in early spring, and were able to complete the project successfully. The interconnection with PG&E was seamless, apart from a configuration issue on the batteries I got installed as part of the project. Solar Works was able to resolve the configuration issues with an Enphase technician, and made sure the battery back up was set properly. During the process, there was clear communication from everyone on the team.” -Frederic Loranger, Santa Rosa

Solar Works spent a lot of time helping us through the entire process. They thoroughly explained how solar systems work, the components involved and why they choose these brands. They collected information about our needs and concerns and did a site evaluation. The installation process was great. There was a lot of communication about who would be here and what would specifically be happening on each day. The install crew was very professional and I was amazed that they completely cleaned the site before leaving every night. This was by far the most impressive contractor experience I have ever had. The inspection and PG&E interconnection was hands off and seamless for us.” -Crystal Taddeucci, Sebastopol

Matt was immensely helpful and informative. As soon as I met him, I knew I wanted to give my business to Solar Works. The Project Manager was very nice and provided a wonderful depiction of what was happening and why. Very quick response from PG&E to inspect the final product. Easy process.” -DP, Petaluma

I chose Solar Works because of the timely, and detailed, response to all my questions. Everyone was very professional and the quote was inline with other offers. Our installation was not typical. We had extraordinary circumstances. The main electrical panel was within a three foot radius from the gas vent. This initially prevented us from upgrading the main panel and continuing with our solar installation. However, after extensive investigation and commitment over many many months we were able to find a solution to the problem and were able to get our solar installed and approved by PG&E. This was a team effort. I did not want to try a different solar company. I also appreciate that Solar Works could have decided not to work with us based on the difficulties involved. However, it was a success and I have already been recommending Solar Works to my friends and co-workers.” -LB, Rohnert Park

“All of my initial and subsequent interactions with Solar Works employees have been very professional and satisfactory. The work was completed quickly and is top notch. We had a few things to work out but the issue was resolved quickly and the system is running beautifully and created a very stress free winter during storms that were regularly taking the power out.” -Anonymous, Petaluma

“I have been a Solar Works customer since 2009, when they installed our original 30 panel system. When it came time to replace our roof, I engaged with Solar Works to remove/reinstall our system. Kyle was our main contact for planning. As part of our removal/reinstall, we had a complete upgrade of Enphase components. He thoroughly went through several options, with upsides/downsides and future considerations for storage, panel upgrades, along with impacts for changes from NEM1 to NEM3. I was very happy with his analysis. Removal/Installation went very well with Jesus and his team. All were professional, obviously very competent, and easy to work with. I expect and receive from Solar Works solid analysis, including technical as well as regulatory issues, planning for the future, reliable installation, timely responses should an issue arise. All at a fair price, from a local company, makes it hard to beat.” -John Henel, Sebastopol

“The proposal presentation and information provided by Solar Works was awesome. They answered all my questions and were very good at educating me on the process. The installers were courteous and relatively quiet, considering. No complaints. Solar Works handled it all, and I just got an email confirming I was in the [NEM2] program.” -PN, Sebastopol

“Everyone was very nice and respectful of our property. They informed us of all they would be doing ahead of time. Jesus was excellent. Kyle was so great at connecting with PGE and in fact he was great in general at communicating with us, explaining everything to us and he came out to our home several times to help us with the batteries answering all our questions! We felt very good about all the staff, and they made sure the inspectors would pass the project. Everyone was great.” -GR, Sebastopol

“Very friendly, prompt, and fast-working team members did the work during the time frame I was given. Good communications on the days that weather didn’t cooperate.” -GS, Santa Rosa

“Our initial experience with Solar Works was very informative and helpful and we felt supported throughout the entire process. All of our interactions with everyone from Solar Works were great! Everyone was so kind and helpful. Our Solar Works team handled the post-installation process (and all other aspects) with expertise and ease.” – homeowner, Freestone

“[The] staff is helpful and conscientious. I used them 15 years ago and chose to use them again this summer, because I had such a good experience, and again I was very happy with their service.” – homeowner, Santa Rosa

“Kyle was on time, easy to reach, and listened to us, and worked through issues that another installer had said prevented us from placing the panels in the most efficient spot. The other installer just said no, that won’t work and Kyle got on the phone with installers and company heads and they figured out a plan. There were no glitches. Kyle took time to walk us through the app that monitors generation vs usage so that we feel well-informed.” -FS, Santa Rosa

It was great working with John and Jesus and all the other installation crew. They were very respectful and flexible with the timeline and phases that I needed to follow as we were building our house at the time and not able to have them do the job all at one time. I’m a contractor too and I realize that can be inconvenient. They came out and did all the prewire in the attic just before sheetrock, then had to wait for me to get the house done to a point that I could line up my financing for the completion of the system. They were very flexible in letting me be involved with the panel layout and placement and were very helpful in letting me work with them to integrate my own elaborate transfer switching setup that gave me many options on running both houses on our property on either solar, battery or generator. I am very happy with how everything came together.” – GH, Sebastopol

“Kyle answered my millions of callback questions with patience and understanding and then stepped back to let us choose. It was a good experience. Installation went well, despite rain and cold weather. Plus they did it before the end of the year, so I can now use the tax credit as I want. They responded quickly to any of my questions and concerns and took care of them. Inspection and connection went easily!” – MK, Sebastopol

“My first conversations with both Angel and Kyle immediately sold me on Solar Works. The first time I called, we had had no power for more than a week, so it was a very stressful time for us. Angel was our first point of contact, and she was not only helpful and informative, but she was also very sympathetic about our situation at that moment. Plus, she returned my first phone call promptly even though I know it was a very busy time at Solar Works. Then came my many conversations with Kyle and his site visit. I ask a LOT of questions, and he responded thoroughly to each question and made me feel as though each was an important one. He helped us explore many possibilities for upgrading our system (or not upgrading it, which was also a consideration he wanted us to entertain). As our thoughts evolved, he was happy to revise the proposal accordingly. We never felt pressured into any decision or timeline. From the very start, he made it clear that Solar Works only wanted our business if we all felt that the work would give us what we needed… Every single person who came to work on the project worked really hard, answered all my many questions, and responded thoughtfully to any suggestions I had. Everyone treated our home with respect… When we changed our minds about an aesthetic issue (how to integrate the old and new panels in the array), they were more than happy to accommodate us. The weather was unusually hot, and the ground where they had to dig was REALLY hard, but everybody took the difficult work in stride. We were particularly impressed by how knowledgeable and skilled everyone was. From what I could see, knowledge and physical labor were more evenly distributed than in most organizations: all hands took part in the digging, and more than just the supervisor took responsibility for some of the complex tasks around hooking up the electrical components. Additionally, I appreciated that John stopped by once, and that Jesus was here for at least part of almost every day. This type of teamwork was also evident from the group email system that you set up. I liked the way you had me email the whole group, including John and Jesus, who were supervising the operation. I could be confident that the right person would see the email and respond quickly. One final observation: I was impressed by how long most of the employees have been with Solar Works. That speaks volumes about an organization.” – homeowner, Guerneville

“We had used Solar Works for our solar system at our previous house and had been pleased with the installation (John Parry was a solar pioneer in Sonoma county), and as a result, Solar Works had an advantage going in. We looked at other companies, some of whom were cheaper, but we wanted a local company, and one we knew treated its employees well, and who would be there to support us for years after the installation.” -TC, Santa Rosa

Solar Works’ response was prompt and they answered all my questions fully. The workers always showed up when they were scheduled and kept me informed about what they were doing. The PG&E interconnection and the inspection took some time, but Solar Works stayed on top of it and kept things moving.” – PF, Graton

“Some other companies responded more quickly to my initial inquiry, which impressed me initially, but they tended to throw together a rough plan and estimate where details were not worked through, just to get me to sign on. One guy seemed great at first….so knowledgeable….but he talked very fast…and after a while I felt rushed and overwhelmed. And the plan he presented, which looked impressive at first, was actually not feasible as it overlooked various details, and was not the most cost-effective. Kyle Knight of Solar Works, on the other hand, was so calm and personable. He wasn’t there to “sell” me. He discussed my situation without putting any pressure on me, and was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything so well. I was aware of the reputation of Solar Works and their longevity in Sonoma County. Kyle and I worked together over several weeks creating and refining a plan. Kyle was always available, answered phone calls, and was always patient and understanding throughout my many questions, and was always kind. Sometimes I would call him with a suggestion and he would say “You know, I was having the same thought…” After many refinements and looking at a range of options, we finally ended up with a plan. Kyle explained that at Solar Works they don’t throw together a rough estimate…. they sweat through all the details… and what you end up with is a detailed specific plan and a quote (not an estimate). Beware of companies that “lowball” you just to get your signature. Solar Works prices are in line with other reputable companies and you know exactly what you’re getting and the exact cost. I was maybe not their easiest customer because I kept having more questions … more worries … wanting more tweaks to the plan … but they never lost patience with me. They are just great people to work with, they work as a team and they all have a great company ethic. All of the guys that installed the project were friendly, respectful, willing to answer any questions, and knew what they were doing. I felt confident they would do a good job. They handled interconnection and inspection professionally. They are experts at this whole process.” – John Mason, Santa Rosa

Matt was excellent at walking me through the process. Very patient with all of my questions. Angel in the office was always friendly, easy to chat with, and very helpful to deal with. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly, professional and thorough. It was fairly effortless, due to everyone’s thoroughness at Solar Works.” – Traci Everest, Santa Rosa

“Contacts with staff were professional and helpful. Everything went smoothly and we had no issues with PG&E or City inspections.” – Allan Tilton, Santa Rosa

“The [sales] assessment was professional, credible and complete. We are given several options that highlighted the trade off between capability, cost and risk. The work was completed on time and within budget. [After the installation] the team answered our questions and made adjustments to optimize performance.” – RB, Sonoma

“All good. Quick responses, very helpful. Matt spent lots of time explaining how the system could work. [The installation was] quick, professional, thorough.” – Alison Dykstra, Santa Rosa

“Solar Works was our original contractor in 2008. We were very satisfied with the company then and remain so after the second solar installation. Our system had performed very well. We’ve never had any problems with it at all, so the decision to contract with Solar Works again was an easy call for us. The [second] installation went smoothly. The installation crew was great. They kept us posted on their progress and the job was finished in a timely manner. After the installation was completed we were taken through the online monitoring of the system so that we would be able to see if the system was performing as it should. It is working just fine. Another year has passed since we added the new panels last year and we have had no problems with the new system. We definitely recommend Solar Works if you decide to get solar panels for your home.” – Alex M.

“I had contacted Solar Works to complete my solar installation that began in March of 2018 with Petersen Dean, who took 95% of the payment & ran. Several months later they filed for bankrupcy. My electrical service was supposed to be upgraded by PetersenDean (and wasn’t), an inverter was supposed to be onsite (and wasn’t) and I was in year 4 of paying a solar loan for a solar system that wasn’t even hooked up. From the first interaction I had with John M, I felt nothing but relief. He said Solar Works would try their hardest to get my system up and running, and that’s exactly what they did. They gave me a bid and had me hooked up in mere months. Every interaction with every Solar Works team member was respectful, informational, and personable from the project manager to the installer(s), to the inspectors and accounting and office staff.” -JO, Cotati

“The communication with Matt was great, and he explained everything step by step. Knowing that this was our first solar install, the team was excellent in answering our questions and guiding us along the way. PG&E took quite a long time but that had nothing to do with Solar Works I don’t think. Matt and the team was very responsive.” -GJ, Rohnert Park

“The installation took place ahead of schedule – all permits including city and PG&E were completed in a timely manner. And when in place the installation crew was onsite within days. All interactions with project management and installation crew were very good. Post installation we had one panel that seemed to be under performing. My questions to the project manager were answered quickly and a solution proposed – moving a small pipe to avoid a shadow on the panel in late afternoon. This turned out to be the cause of the issue, and now all of the array is performing as expected.” – Homeowner, Cotati

“[I] needed to expand an existing array with Powerwalls, old panels and old inverter. Solar Works upgraded everything and made everything work together flawlessly. It was a complicated job done very well. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with.” – Homeowner, Penngrove

“The response to my initial inquiry was timely and a site visit was scheduled quickly at a convenient time for me. The proposal was detailed and all of my questions were answered completely. I appreciated the timely response to each question I had. The installation team were professional and completed the job quickly and cleanly. I received a full explanation of the work being done and an overview of the project after completion. The PG&E connection, permit inspection, and turning on the system were simple and easy with no issues.” – Homeowner, Petaluma

“Your company is top notch… They were quick, and the install was problem free.” – Monte Rio Recreation & Park District

“Our experience was great. Matt was very helpful and knowledgeable. The project manager, Jesus, was very professional, and his crew did a great job. PG&E interconnection seems to have gone smoothly and without a problem!”- Brandon Daubs, Windsor

“Everything was clear. All of my questions were answered completely. The project manager communicated with me every step of the way. On the day of installation, I left for work early in the morning and when I got home in the afternoon, the panels were all installed, and there was not a trace of anyone having been at my home!” – BG, Santa Rosa

“Everyone at Solar Works has been very knowledgeable and professional from the initial site visit to the follow-up.” -DD, Sebastopol

“Our first contact [with Solar Works] actually began in our neighborhood. We knew 3 or 4 neighbors who had Solar Works systems. All were extremely happy with their start to finish experience… The onsite crew were all professionals and punctual. They were good about taking our questions and always getting back to us with an answer. We also appreciated that they kept their work site clean and orderly. The installation process was completed on time. Solar Works took care of all details related to the onsite inspection, including PG&E interconnection which happened a few days later. What especially impressed us was that everybody at Solar Works knew their job. Everyone did their job. Every phase of the process was very well coordinated.” -JF, Geyserville

“Jesus, Fernando and crew were on time, pleasant, and clear communicators. They showed me what they needed…and gave me plenty of time to comply. During the three days they were here, they showed me their progress and explained what to expect at each stage… [The Salesperson] spent almost 2 hours with me reviewing the monitoring process online, looking at the panels and wiring in the garage. I feel as if I have a good grasp on this system now, and have been able to easily access the monitoring website. It’s actually fun!” -GS, Santa Rosa

“I worked as an electrician many years ago and found the details of their installation to be top-notch.” – CB, Cotati

“Of all the companies I vetted, Solar Works did the best job addressing questions regarding my specific needs and taking into consideration any future uses of the system… I was particularly impressed with their emphasis on customer support… The final county inspection did not proceed as smoothly as we expected. They required certain preconditions that were (in my opinion) beyond the norm. To their credit, Solar Works handled the situation professionally by promptly modifying their part of the project at no additional cost to me.” – RF, Napa

“Working with Solar Works has been great. Proposals were clear, work was completed quickly and without issue, and follow up questions were answered promptly. Interactions with staff was pleasant both in person and online… My site was well cared for while they were here… PGE interconnection was seamless.” – SL, Santa Rosa

“This is my second set of solar panels installed by Solar Works. The job they did aesthetically, at a competitive price, with charm and excellent follow-up at our home 5 years ago convinced me to call them again when a rental property’s utility costs began to skyrocket. All of their employees are smart, kind, experienced and conscientious. I love working with them because I never have to worry or micromanage… It all went smoothly.” – LM, Sebastopol

“Because of our positive experience with Solar Works during the initial installation process in 2019, we contracted with the company to extend our system with four additional solar panels in 2021. The extension was completed efficiently with clear communication and follow-through by every member of the Solar Works team…Staff responded promptly to our emails, providing complete answers to our questions and helpful information about what to expect. The installer functioned in the same manner with in-person communication…Solar Works provided a seamless interface with PG&E. We had to fill out a few forms and Solar Works did the rest.” – MP, Napa

“We worked with John Matheny and John Parry on our first set of solar panels, so we had complete confidence in the process…Everyone was professional and knew their jobs! We are in construction and know what that translates into! The change over was easy. I did not loose any time without power. It’s amazing when you think about what is involved and it seemed so easy.” – Debbie Means, Santa Rosa

“This is our second home to have Solar Works install solar in our home. They do a wonderful job! Elegant design and placement. Great communication. No upselling unnecessary products.” – Homeowner, Santa Rosa

“Solar Works was super responsive and knowledgeable. They recommended the best solar setup for my needs. They kept me informed throughout the process. They answered my questions and made adjustments which I requested along the way for the routing of electrical lines. The connection with PG&E and turning my system on was seamless. The Solar Works team was fantastic.” – Ben Wolf, Santa Rosa

“Throughout the process, I was able to get updates on the progress of the system installation and answers to my questions. Customer services is clearly a major emphasis for Solar Works as they provided me with wonderful service and answered all my questions.” – Eric Manton, Santa Rosa

“John M. was very helpful and always answered my questions, educating me along the way. I really appreciated him scheduling sufficient time for me to re-roof the structure before installation of the new PV array. This allowed me to save a little money and meet my budget. All in all, a very painless process. I feel quite confident any questions I have will be answered promptly by Solar Works and that going forward they will be there when I need service or repairs.” – TM, Sebastopol

“Everyone was polite, accommodating, and informative. It was a very good experience.” – MC, Occidental

“Once the permit was issued, Solar Works was on the job. It was seamless. They handled everything. I did not have to be there.” – James Draeger, Belvedere Tiburon

“When my husband and I decided to pursue installation, we were happy to work with Solar Works. All initial phone communications were clear and helpful, delineating the process and answering all questions clearly. Colan came to do the site visit, assess our situation, and facilitated communications regarding design and contract. He is very personable, present, a good listener, and a clear communicator. His presentation was excellent, his commitment to responding to all questions was seamless. We enjoyed working with him very much…The project manager, Jesus, was exceptional in his communication and efficiency. He made some changes in the initial plan in response to our preferences. He was very upbeat, crystal clear, and responsive. The team worked together well, with full professionalism.” – Homeowner, Sebastopol


John Matheny, Solar Works' Operations Manager volunteers at a local dog rescue and normally has at least one foster dog at home. He also uses reusable, glass containers for his lunches, prepared with locally sourced ingredients.