Component and Warranty Information

Components and Warranties

Solar Works uses only top-quality equipment with warranties of up to 25 years and life expectancies of 40 years, often longer. We are committed to being your long-term partner in clean power production and use components that best meet our selection criteria. Solar Works is not beholden to any manufacturer — Serving our customers well is our highest priority.

Our Commitment

  • Exceptional warranty and service response, usually within two business days
  • One-year full coverage, no-charge warranty service
  • Ten-year workmanship warranty

Criteria for Component Selection

  • Proven technology
  • Best value, superior performance
  • Demonstrated quality, reliability and durability

Criteria for Selecting Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Sustainable business model
  • Rapid, helpful, accurate technical support
  • Certification of environmental and social values
  • Ongoing product development and quality control

Solar Panels

  • REC: Premium modules. 25-year limited warranty for product and performance; expected 92% efficiency in 25th year.
  • Silfab: North American manufacturing. 25-year product and 30-year performance warranty.


  • Enphase: High-efficiency, 25-year warranty, company based in Petaluma, CA.
  • SolarEdge: Module-level optimizers enhance system production and mitigate the effects of shading. 12-year warranty (option to extend up to 25 years).

Roof Mounting Systems

Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE)

Onsite Energy Storage


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