The award-winning film “TOMORROW” is at Sebastopol’s Rialto Theater on Sunday, April 16th!

April 6, 2017

Transition Network has been a leading inspiration of the narrative and the spirit of “TOMORROW”.

TOMORROW is an upbeat environmental documentary directed and narrated (in English) by actress Melanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds) and activist Cyril Dion. Together, they traveled to 10 countries to visit Permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects, community-owned renewable initiatives. They introduce us to people making a difference in the fields of food, energy, finance, democracy, and education.

In their journey to find some of the most inspiring initiatives, they’ve spent a great time filming The Transition movement.

Watch Trailer Here
The film shows how bottom-up community action can have a meaningful impact by offering constructive solutions to act on a local level. So far, no other documentary has gone down this road…

Its incredible success lies in the choice not to frighten — though the facts are sobering — but to inspire; to go beyond the disaster scenarios, and share concrete solutions as implemented by hundreds of communities around the world.

There will be a post-show discussion with the filmmaker CYRIL DION to answer questions and provide more background into his journey and the making of the film.

We hope to see you on Sunday, April 16th 7 pm at the Rialto!

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