Solar Case Study: Analy High School

March 28, 2024

Check out this wonderful case study of Analy High School’s PV installation in the Sebastopol Times!   [Read more]

Volts Podcast: So You Want to Electrify Your Home

February 28, 2024

Check out Volts, a podcast that is all about “leaving fossil fuels behind.” In this episode, Cora Wyent walks us though a step-by-step how-to for people looking to electrify their homes. Solar Works is here to help you make heads or tails of your own energy plan. [Read more]

Home Electrification and the Rising Cost of Energy

September 20, 2023

We recently received this email from PG&E: “Your energy bill is going up. Understand why and what the next steps are: Solar acts as a buffer against these inevitable rate increases. In fact every time the rates increase the solar payback period gets shorter. It’s like receiving a dividend on your investment, instead of continually … Continued [Read more]

AB2143 Goes into Effect January 1, 2024

June 28, 2023

  ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: According to a new California law AB2143, solar on non-residential properties will be treated as Public Works projects regardless of the funding source starting 1/1/24. The details are still be ironed out, but the take-home message is that solar for businesses (wineries, farms, stores, factories, hotels, gyms, offices…) will become more … Continued [Read more]

June 16, 2023 – Solar Panel Recycling Event, Zero Waste Sonoma

May 25, 2023

         [Read more]

Project Drawdown – Distributed Solar

May 22, 2023

Project Drawdown‘s Drawdown Roadmap is a science-based strategy for accelerating climate solutions across sectors, timescales, and geographies.  One of the key elements of the Roadmap is net-zero buildings, powered by solar.       [Read more]