Solar Case Study Benedetti Tire & Express Lube

Commercial Solar Design and Installation

Solar Case Study — Benedetti Tire & Express Lube

“I selected Solar Works because they run their business the same way I run mine:
Customers are our first priority.”
— Mark Reece, Owner

A Grid-tied Solar Installation

  • 2 Fronius IG Plus 10.0-1 and
    1 Fronius IG Plus 11.4-1 inverter

  • 132 Schüco 225-watt modules 

  • 31.020 kW DC system size 

Benedetti Tire and Express Lube, a locally-owned Sebastopol business established in 1977, is a busy operation. Before their solar installation, energy-hungry tools and lighting made for very high electricity bills. Owner Mark Reece wanted to redirect the money he spent on electricity to renewable sources and invest in the health of his business and community.

Design and Installation

Solar Works installed a 36.6 kW grid-tied system in February 2012, utilizing roof space on the main building and on the Express Lube shop. The system offsets nearly 100% of Benedetti’s electricity costs. Tilt-leg racking systems were used on both buildings due to the flat metal roofs, so the arrays point south at a 20-degree slope, maximizing production.


Benedetti’s solar electric system produces 49,537 kWh annually, saving an average of $12,385 every year. The system allows the business to continue investing in improvements instead of wasting money on high energy bills. It also eliminates 29 tons of carbon dioxide annually, equal to planting 1,188 trees each year. Benedetti’s solar electric system is a clear benefit for both economic and environmental reasons.

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