Laura Goldman,

September 15, 2020

Human and Community Relations Maven, has been an integral part of Solar Works since the start, providing staff support and serving as a link to customers, community and the world at large. With a B.A. from the University of Maryland and an M.A. in Medical Anthropology from Goddard College, Laura has been a long-time educator and community activist. She was a founding instructor in the Community Health Worker (CHW) Program at Santa Rosa Junior College, and is on the program’s advisory committee, and also an Emerita board member of West County Health Centers. Previous career incarnations include health counselor and World Study Program core faculty at World College West, interpreter and translator, community health educator and trainer, consultant to U.S. and international academic institutions, foundations and community-based organizations, Spanish teacher, and Peace Corps volunteer in highland Ecuador. As a 2015 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy, Laura envisioned, co-produced and hosted Being the Change Radio, a series of interviews with local leaders who are transforming our economy. Passionate about the power of community radio, she hosts Laura’s Living Room, a weekly show on KOWS radio (92.5 fm, streaming on based in Sonoma County, CA.  Laura is a proponent of all things local and an irrepressible volunteer for community good works. She enjoys hiking, gardening, relaxing in her solar-heated hot tub, practicing tai chi, connecting with friends, family, and neighbors, being home with her husband-and-partner in paradise, and exploring cultures and natural treasures.