John Matheny,

May 31, 2022

Operations Manager, oversees sales, installations and service. John is integral to the process from the start and continues with post-installation customer support.  John began his solar career as a Solar Works installer in 2009, and continues to sharpen his considerable solar, electrical, and building knowledge and expertise.  John is a Sebastopol native and an Analy High School graduate with strong ties to the community. An ornamental fabricator and certified structural steel welder, John is the 4th generation of the family’s welding business that his great-grandfather founded. He’s a natural tinkerer of all things mechanical, with experience in construction, car repair, woodworking, boat building, and a variety of projects that demand diligence and creativity. In his non-working time, John loves kayaking, hiking, saltwater fishing, and enjoying outdoor adventures with his wife and dogs.