Solar Works CA Solar Installer

Abraham Duran de Gante,

April 3, 2015

Solar Installer, has a calm and can-do spirit and a desire to continue learning in his role as a Solar Works installation crew member. A love for the outdoors fueled Abraham’s passion to pursue a career in renewable energy. With roots in Oaxaca, Mexico, Abraham moved to California when he was eleven years old, graduated from Archbishop Hanna High School in Sonoma, then studied criminal justice and firefighter training at Santa Rosa Junior College. He returned to Mexico to attend the Universidad Mesoamericana in the state of Puebla, where he majored in forensic sciences. Abraham has also studied and practiced Taekwondo, kick boxing and mixed martial arts. Before joining Solar Works, he worked in retail and vineyard management. In his free time Abraham enjoys reading, hiking, watching anime, and spending quality time with family, friends, and his two cats. In everything he does, Abraham strives to become a better version of himself for loved ones, his community, and the environment.