Asha Dean,

May 31, 2022

Service Coordinator, started as a Solar Works installer in 2012, and has years of solar and wind power installation experience. Asha’s specialty is troubleshooting and solving power production issues, and making sure each Solar Works system operates at optimal levels. In addition, Asha brings creativity and IT knowledge to our design, website and computer projects. He grew up in Michigan where he attended Kellogg Community College after being home schooled. As a youngster, Asha was fascinated by anything mechanical, and would take apart (and often put back together) old stereos, watches, and eventually computers. He is also a woodworker and journeyman carpenter, self-taught artist, and all-around fix-it guy. Asha lives in rural west Sonoma County, and when not working, enjoys skimboarding, skateboarding and moonlighting as a DJ. He loves being able to harvest the sun’s energy for a sustainable future, has a passion for learning, and enjoys working with our collaborative team to provide customers with clean power and great service.