Jesús (Chucho) España,

May 31, 2022

Installation Supervisor, has been a Solar Works staff member since 1999. He is skilled in both solar electric and thermal applications, and in addition to being a top-notch installer is an expert troubleshooter and warranty technician. Chucho’s attention to detail, innate artistry, careful approach to his work and collaborative spirit make him a great asset and colleague. He has a broad range of experience in construction, plumbing, auto mechanics, paint mixing and sales, customer service, artisan stone carving, farming, gardening and landscaping.  A life-long student, Chucho has earned certification in many solar training courses and computer studies, and currently is taking courses at Santa Rosa Junior College.  He believes in thinking positively, and considers his work “not just a job” – rather a passion to do something that contributes to a healthy world now and for future generations. A family man, Chucho spends as much time as possible with his wife, two daughters, son – and baby grandson. He and his family like to relax with chess (Chucho sometimes wins, but with stiff competition!), read together, play soccer, visit the coast and explore the beauty of Sonoma County.