The Many Pitfalls of Power Purchase Agreements

September 10, 2020

Many solar contractors offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), promising fixed electricity costs, zero maintenance fees, and no money out-of-pocket. Buyer, beware! Before entering into a PPA, be sure to understand the fine print. In a PPA you don’t own the system and are locked into a contract for twenty years. While there might be ‘no … Continued [Read more]

2019: The Year You Secure Your Energy Future

January 9, 2019

One of the biggest advantages of having your electrical energy offset by solar is that you are protected from ever increasing energy costs. [Read more]

Net Energy Metering (NEM)

October 5, 2018

By John Matheny — The focus of this article is PG&E’s Net Energy Metering Program, which allows a solar electric (Photovoltaic or PV) system to be connected to the grid, and feed energy back through the meter to directly offset energy usage. This means that sometimes more power is being consumed than produced, and other … Continued [Read more]

Solar homes and EVs

Use the Sun’s Energy to Power Your Home and Electric Vehicle (EV)

September 5, 2018

By John Parry and John Matheny — Solar homes and EVs are a perfect combination to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bill. A solar electric system powers your house with clean energy and charges your EV, with all excess energy going back into the grid. With a Time Of Use (TOU) metering … Continued [Read more]

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All Electric and Zero Net Energy Homes

July 20, 2018

By John Matheny. When building a new home or doing a major remodel, an important consideration is how it will be heated and cooled, which appliances to use and evaluate constructing an all electric Zero Net Energy home. Natural gas for ambient and water heating was long seen as the most efficient and cost effective … Continued [Read more]

Highest Quality Solar Roof Attachments

May 17, 2018

By John Matheny. When it comes to solar roof attachments, a question prospective solar customers often ask is: “Will my roof leak because of the holes drilled in my roof?” Solar Works has over 30 years experience and expertise, and we take great care to ensure high quality installations from start to finish. Plus, improvements … Continued [Read more]