Customer Testimonials

Our Customers Say It Best

“[I] needed to expand an existing array with Powerwalls, old panels and old inverter. Solar Works upgraded everything and made everything work together flawlessly. It was a complicated job done very well. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with.” – Homeowner, Penngrove

“The response to my initial inquiry was timely and a site visit was scheduled quickly at a convenient time for me. The proposal was detailed and all of my questions were answered completely. I appreciated the timely response to each question I had. The installation team were professional and completed the job quickly and cleanly. I received a full explanation of the work being done and an overview of the project after completion. The PG&E connection, permit inspection, and turning on the system were simple and easy with no issues.” – Homeowner, Petaluma

“Your company is top notch… They were quick, and the install was problem free.” – Monte Rio Recreation & Park District

“Our experience was great. Matt was very helpful and knowledgeable. The project manager, Jesus, was very professional, and his crew did a great job. PG&E interconnection seems to have gone smoothly and without a problem!”- Brandon Daubs, Windsor

“Everything was clear. All of my questions were answered completely. The project manager communicated with me every step of the way. On the day of installation, I left for work early in the morning and when I got home in the afternoon, the panels were all installed, and there was not a trace of anyone having been at my home!” – BG, Santa Rosa

“Everyone at Solar Works has been very knowledgeable and professional from the initial site visit to the follow-up.” -DD, Sebastopol

“Our first contact [with Solar Works] actually began in our neighborhood. We knew 3 or 4 neighbors who had Solar Works systems. All were extremely happy with their start to finish experience… The onsite crew were all professionals and punctual. They were good about taking our questions and always getting back to us with an answer. We also appreciated that they kept their work site clean and orderly. The installation process was completed on time. Solar Works took care of all details related to the onsite inspection, including PG&E interconnection which happened a few days later. What especially impressed us was that everybody at Solar Works knew their job. Everyone did their job. Every phase of the process was very well coordinated.” -JF, Geyserville

“Jesus, Fernando and crew were on time, pleasant, and clear communicators. They showed me what they needed…and gave me plenty of time to comply. During the three days they were here, they showed me their progress and explained what to expect at each stage… [The Salesperson] spent almost 2 hours with me reviewing the monitoring process online, looking at the panels and wiring in the garage. I feel as if I have a good grasp on this system now, and have been able to easily access the monitoring website. It’s actually fun!” -GS, Santa Rosa

“I worked as an electrician many years ago and found the details of their installation to be top-notch.” – CB, Cotati

“Of all the companies I vetted, Solar Works did the best job addressing questions regarding my specific needs and taking into consideration any future uses of the system… I was particularly impressed with their emphasis on customer support… The final county inspection did not proceed as smoothly as we expected. They required certain preconditions that were (in my opinion) beyond the norm. To their credit, Solar Works handled the situation professionally by promptly modifying their part of the project at no additional cost to me.” – RF, Napa

“Working with Solar Works has been great. Proposals were clear, work was completed quickly and without issue, and follow up questions were answered promptly. Interactions with staff was pleasant both in person and online… My site was well cared for while they were here… PGE interconnection was seamless.” – SL, Santa Rosa

“This is my second set of solar panels installed by Solar Works. The job they did aesthetically, at a competitive price, with charm and excellent follow-up at our home 5 years ago convinced me to call them again when a rental property’s utility costs began to skyrocket. All of their employees are smart, kind, experienced and conscientious. I love working with them because I never have to worry or micromanage… It all went smoothly.” – LM, Sebastopol

“Because of our positive experience with Solar Works during the initial installation process in 2019, we contracted with the company to extend our system with four additional solar panels in 2021. The extension was completed efficiently with clear communication and follow-through by every member of the Solar Works team…Staff responded promptly to our emails, providing complete answers to our questions and helpful information about what to expect. The installer functioned in the same manner with in-person communication…Solar Works provided a seamless interface with PG&E. We had to fill out a few forms and Solar Works did the rest.” – MP, Napa

“We worked with John Matheny and John Parry on our first set of solar panels, so we had complete confidence in the process…Everyone was professional and knew their jobs! We are in construction and know what that translates into! The change over was easy. I did not loose any time without power. It’s amazing when you think about what is involved and it seemed so easy.” – Debbie Means, Santa Rosa

“This is our second home to have Solar Works install solar in our home. They do a wonderful job! Elegant design and placement. Great communication. No upselling unnecessary products.” – Homeowner, Santa Rosa

“Solar Works was super responsive and knowledgeable. They recommended the best solar setup for my needs.They kept me informed throughout the process. They answered my questions and made adjustments which I requested along the way for the routing of electrical lines. The connection with PG&E and turning my system on was seamless. The Solar Works team was fantastic.” – Ben Wolf, Santa Rosa

Throughout the process, I was able to get updates on the progress of the system installation and answers to my questions. Customer services is clearly a major emphasis for Solar Works as they provided me with wonderful service and answered all my questions.” – Eric Manton, Santa Rosa

“John M. was very helpful and always answered my questions, educating me along the way. I really appreciated him scheduling sufficient time for me to re-roof the structure before installation of the new PV array. This allowed me to save a little money and meet my budget. All in all, a very painless process. I feel quite confident any questions I have will be answered promptly by Solar Works and that going forward they will be there when I need service or repairs.” – TM, Sebastopol

Everyone was polite, accommodating, and informative. It was a very good experience.” – MC, Occidental

“Once the permit was issued, Solar Works was on the job. It was seamless.They handled everything. I did not have to be there.” – James Draeger, Belvedere Tiburon

“When my husband and I decided to pursue installation, we were happy to work with Solar Works. All initial phone communications were clear and helpful, delineating the process and answering all questions clearly. Colan came to do the site visit, assess our situation, and facilitated communications regarding design and contract. He is very personable, present, a good listener, and a clear communicator. His presentation was excellent, his commitment to responding to all questions was seamless. We enjoyed working with him very much…The project manager, Jesus, was exceptional in his communication and efficiency. He made some changes in the initial plan in response to our preferences. He was very upbeat, crystal clear, and responsive. The team worked together well, with full professionalism.” – Homeowner, Sebastopol


John Matheny, Solar Works' Operations Manager volunteers at a local dog rescue and normally has at least one foster dog at home. He also uses reusable, glass containers for his lunches, prepared with locally sourced ingredients.