Building and Rebuilding Sonoma County

Grid-tied Photovoltaic (PV) System Design for Building and Rebuilding

Solar Works has over 30 years of expertise in solar design, installation, and service. You can count on us to provide guidance to help you make the best choices for building or rebuilding projects that include a solar electric system.

We recommend establishing a working relationship with us early in design and building phases to ensure a smooth PV installation process, cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing results and optimal, long-term performance.

It is most cost-effective when solar is included in your plans and designs for rebuilding. In the long-term, an all-electric home has very low energy costs, and is the only way to achieve net-zero energy consumption.

As an independent, customer-oriented local business, we work directly with homeowners, contractors, designers and architects.

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Making a Difference

John Matheny

John Matheny, Solar Works Operations Manager drives an electric vehicle to help offset his carbon footprint and uses reusable, glass containers for his lunches, prepared with locally sourced ingredients.