Going Solar Before NEM-3

Going Solar Before NEM-3

PG&E’s new Net Energy Metering agreement, also known as NEM-3 or Net Billing, will go into effect April 14, 2023. The rate which the utilities will pay customers for excess power generated will drop dramatically — on average more than 75%. This will have broad-reaching effects on the solar industry in California.

We encourage anyone considering solar to act fast and get their projects started before this deadline. Call or email us today to get started.

How to expedite your solar project:

1. Review your latest PG&E bill. Are your name and service address perfect? If not, call PG&E to fix it.

2. Keep your PG&E bill handy — we need a copy of it. Email a PDF or JPG of the bill to info@solarworksca.com.

3. Follow these instructions to download the last 12 months of energy data from the PG&E website. Email this file to info@solarworksca.com.

4. Have answers ready:

  • Do you plan to make any changes to your current electrical use?
  • Do you plan to purchase an electric vehicle?
  • Do you plan to install a pool or hot tub?
  • Do you plan to expand the size of your household?
  • Are you interested in adding battery back-up to your system? If so, please read this primer to educate yourself about batteries.

5. Once you accept our proposal and pay your deposit, sign and return forms quickly to keep the process moving. This will include:

  • Solar Consumer Protection Guide
  • Contract
  • PG&E’s authorization for Solar Works to act on your behalf

Solar Works will handle the rest.


Emily Collet, Solar Works Designer, is passionate about compost and carbon farming -- helping sequester carbon from the air into the ground, while enjoying the healthy food and beautiful flowers that are a byproduct.