Residential Solar Installation

Solar Works is a full-service solar contractor. We provide design and residential solar installation services and have the best warranty service in the solar industry. Our mission is to deliver the best solar photovoltaic (PV) solution for your home, as such, an understanding of your energy goals is important. Solar Works can install a variety of solar equipment and our designers customize our installations to each house architecture and property terrain. In order to project future energy needs and properly size the solar system, we will assess your electrical power usage history.

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Featured Residential Installations

CJ Vandegrift
Sherry and Pete Swayne
Diane and Bill Merget
Jeffrey Gomer

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Autumn Streamfellow

Autumn Streamfellow, Solar Works’ designer extraordinaire, is all about
sustainability. She and her husband produce most of the fruits, vegetables,
fungi and eggs her family consumes. Learn more about Autumn >>