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Solar Works provides high-quality, solar electric design and installation, and exceptional customer service. We customize each residential solar installation project to meet customer needs and goals, and serve as your long-term partner in clean, cost-effective energy production.



  • Healdsburg Residence — “Solar Works has my complete trust. I've been a very satisfied customer for many years, and think highly of John Parry's expertise, commitment and integrity. Solar Works is the only company in Sonoma County I have found to be completely reliable, cost-effective, and a joy to work with. I can't imagine a better business to help meet the energy challenges we all will face in the next few years.” – R.B.

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CJ Vandegrift
Sherry and Pete Swayne
Diane and Bill Merget
Jeffrey Gomer



Autumn Streamfellow

Autumn Streamfellow, Solar Works’ designer extraordinaire, is all about
sustainability. She and her husband produce most of the fruits, vegetables,
fungi and eggs her family consumes. Learn more about Autumn >>