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Solar Works is a full-service solar contractor. We do more than expert design and installation of photovoltaic systems. We offer many post-installation services to new and existing customers. Explore the drop-downs below to find out more. Please contact us, as always, we are here to discuss your specific problem during our regular business hours or via email.


Solar Works routinely troubleshoots and repairs electrical issues, such as failed inverters, connectors, and modules. Most often, the cessation of a PV system’s energy production is due to a failed inverter. If the inverter has failed, our designer will determine the best replacement inverter for your system. Once the inverter is replaced, the technician will ensure that you understand how to use your new inverter.


Solar Works can help determine the best way to increase your PV system’s production to meet increased demand (new pool, additional appliances, Electric Vehicle charging, etc.). We use advanced production and consumption modeling to ensure the best value for your particular situation. Installing an Electric Vehicle charging station at the same time can save on overall labor costs.

Removal and Reinstallation

Solar Works, coordinating with your roofer, removes and reinstalls your existing array. We then re-commission the system. This can be a good time to expand your system, since we will be on the roof and re-arranging the racking system and wiring.

System Inspections

Solar Works inspects photovoltaic systems, whether Solar Works installed the system or not. Our technician performs a visual inspection, and tests the system’s productivity. Solar Works also offers annual and semiannual PV inspection agreements, to ensure your installation’s continued efficiency.

Monitoring Installation

If you would like the convenience and added level of data collection, Solar Works can install remote, online monitoring for your existing PV system. This is also a good option if the photovoltaic system’s inverter(s) is in a difficult location to access, or you are monitoring production on a home in which you do not live full time.

EV Charging Station Installation (Level II)

Powering your electric vehicle with your PV system makes the most sense, both economically and ecologically. We install Level II, or 240 Volt, charging stations, which will charge your EV faster than plugging into a standard 110 household outlet.

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